NHS Health Screening

Lawton Pharmacy has been providing health care services to people right from its inception in 2002. Our efficient and quick service has been in practice for years now, and we are very proud of it too.

There are many people who are prone to strokes, heat disease, kidney disease and diabetes. The NHS has developed instant health screenings known as the NHS Health Check. The NHS Health Check takes just 20 to 30 minutes and covers all the diseases mentioned above.

NHS Health Screening is the latest national programme for adults living in England who are between the age group of 40 and 74 years. These people are not ones who already are infected by strokes, kidney and heart disease and diabetes. The health check will aid in finding the cholesterol and blood pressure levels in these individuals. You may not be ill, or are feeling perfectly alright, but the NHS Health Check is there to help lower any chance of the development of such health issues any time in the future.

The experienced pharmacists at Lawton Pharmacy will consult with you and ask simple questions to ascertain vital information regarding your ethnicity, weight and height. They will then provide you with personalised advice for lowering the risk of the ailments mentioned above. They will also guide you in measures you can take to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

All you need to do is visit Lawton Pharmacy to take advantage of the NHS Health Screening service and see the results for yourself.

So call us at 01895 232876 and book an appointment immediately.