NHS Stop Smoking Service

Our qualified stop smoking advisors can help you put together a quit program to help you stop smoking. This includes advice on which nicotine replacement products and how to use them, regular reviews of progress, and advice and support.

You may be exempt from paying for nicotine replacement products or it will cost you a NHS prescription charge.

Troubled due to smoking? Don’t know how to kick the habit? Well, Lawton Pharmacy is here as a one stop shop for quitting the habit. We are adept at handling and understanding the best ways and methods that will aid you in quitting smoking.

The Government has set some broad NHS stop smoking service initiatives. These services can be found across the NHS in the UK and they provide support and counselling to smokers who intend to give up this dangerous habit. Smoking cessation aids such as Bupropion and Nicotine Replacement Therapy are also being developed in this regard.

Taking the advice and help from our expert and friendly team will make you comfortable and help you to be free of your addiction. One appointment with our team will help them in tailoring a plan that suits you perfectly and ultimately leading to a smoke free life. You just need to have a chat with our experienced advisor so you can decide the exact kind of assistance that you will need. The team will conduct timely reviews about the progress of your treatment.

Lawton Pharmacy has the expertise and experience in aspects related to NHS stop smoking service, along with other health concern issues. This gives us the edge over the competition, and one visit to us will ensure that you are smoke free after the passing of time. It is worth visiting us once, we guarantee.

So don’t wait anymore, visit or call us at 01895 232876 to make an appointment today!