Travel Clinic Heathrow / Middlesex

Travel Clinic Heathrow, Middlesex

Guard yourself against common diseases with our complete range of reasonably priced travel vaccinations. Our services are available in the areas of Middlesex and Heathrow.

Who provides such travel vaccinations?
As one of the most renowned travel vaccination clinics in Middlesex and Heathrow, Our Travel vaccination clinic and care goes beyond immunisations, providing specific medical advice and product recommendations tailored to your specific travel itinerary and intended activities. Our physicians offer individualized pre- and post-travel medicine consultations to children and adults alike.

What is the procedure?
A visit to your nearest Travel vaccination clinic will determine what vaccinations and boosters you may need before travel. The clinician will look at your medical history to have a better judgement of what you will need specifically. They will consider the following:

  • Your Age
  • Health
  • Previous Vaccinations
  • Previous Booster Shots
  • Travel Destination
  • The time of year you are travelling

All of these elements help determine whether you need certain vaccinations more than others. A few examples of vaccinations you may be required to get before travelling are:

  • Yellow fever
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid Fever

Another disease that will probably bother you is Malaria, however, there is no vaccination for Malaria. The clinician will prescribe prophylactic antimalarial medication if you travel to a country where Malaria is a common disease.