‘Vaccines are the Tug Boats of Preventive Health.’

This statement is the fundamental truth.

Simply having a good immune system is not enough. You need to get yourself vaccinated in accordance with which country you are planning to travel to. For example, you are touring Africa, Central America, or South America, then you would require the yellow fever vaccine. In some countries, you must present the yellow fever certificate before entry is allowed into the country.  This is to ensure your safety and of those around you. 

Our travel clinic services in Uxbridge offers a range of vaccinations from MeningitisYellow Fever, to Anti-Malaria and lots more.


So what Parameters are Necessary for Vaccinations?

Firstly, the country you are travelling to is obviously of prime importance, SomeSome countries are more prone to malaria due to climate conditions than others. It also depends on which season are you  going to be in autumn, spring or summer.


The topographic location you choose to travel to is also important to consider, as some viruses or bacteria are more prevalent at camping areas, hostels, and snow-capped regions. The time of stay also counts – weeks, months or years. This is usually important because some jabs need a booster pack.


Other vital dynamics taken into account are the excursions you may do, including, visiting a wild-life sanctuary or zoo, devoting time to help the sick, sleeping outdoors or working as a medical attendant.Immunisations at our travel clinic services in Uxbridge are provided after understanding all these elements to make your vacation a memorable experience. 

How does one Initiate the Vaccination Process?

Firstly, visit the Lawton Pharmacy travel clinic at least 2 months before your journey. The reason behind this is some vaccines need a booster and others need to be taken well in advance.  Likewise, do not forget to ask for the list of vaccinations that you can avail at no cost. If you are planning to travel outside of the UK, simply give us a call at our Uxbridge travel clinic where we will note down all the relevant information related to your trip.

We  will then dispense the required vaccination(s) for your trip, and advice you on other precautions you may need as well. The cost of vaccination vary across the country but be rest assured that our travel clinic is one of the most competitive.

Last but not the least; do not forget to have a safe and sound journey. Happy and Travelling!