If you are under 25 years and have ever had sex,

you can have a simple home testing kit to check for chlamydia as part of the National Chlamydia Screening
Programme. If you have chlamydia, we will give you free antibiotic tablets to treat it.

Lawton Pharmacy is an Expert

in regards to NHS Chlamydia tests as well as other initiatives related to NHS. If you are unaware of Chlamydia, let us first discuss it briefly. This infection is quite common. It is a sexually transmitted disease that is common amongst the younger generation. If not treated in time, the infection can cause serious ailments and problems for individuals. It is quite common that individuals infected by Chlamydia don’t show any symptoms. Here the question arises as to how to find out if you do have the infection. Well, the NHS Chlamydia test is an easy and free option for you.

Chlamydia Screening
Chlamydia treatment

If you are Between the Ages of 16 and 24,

and have engaged in sexual activity, Lawton Pharmacy will provide you with the simple NHS Chlamydia home test kit for checking the presence of this infection. Collection of your urine in the case of men or a vaginal swab in case of females is all you need to do. See, it’s that easy.

If your test results are positive, Lawton Pharmacy will provide you antibiotic tablets for treating the infection.

The Good News is, IT’S FREE.

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